Harvest your past, design your future, savor the present

Retirement and aging are major life transitions.  We are encouraged to prepare financially, but what about our emotional, spiritual and social needs?  What about our quest for meaning and purpose and creativity as we become older?  Our culture often fails to provide positive answers to these questions.

My mission as a Life Coach is to help older adults find your own unique answers to the questions you bring to this important time of  transition.  The post-retirement years can be a time of accelerated growth,  renewed interests and aspirations,  new goals, meaningful activity, deeper connection to others and  community, and a concern for personal legacy, what you wish to leave for future generations.

I use Life Coaching techniques to support you as you:

Harvest your past:  Together we explore the wealth of what you have already experienced and accomplished.    Harvest the memorable, the meaningful , the significant and varied events that express who you have been over the stages of your life.  This is a time to discover your inner wealth, appreciate what you have lived through, distill your experience to create meaning, purpose and direction for the years to come.

Design your future:  Moving from the benefits of your Harvest,  you can move forward to create a design for your next stage of life.  Explore your skills, values, dreams, and purpose to design the life you want now and for the future.  Then take the action steps necessary to make it happen.  This is a time to create and pursue your own chosen path at last.

Savor the present:  Tap into your inner resources, creativity,  your relationship to others and the world, your own unique spirituality or connection with something greater than yourself.   Develop awareness to notice and appreciate who you are, what you have and what you are doing right now in your life.  Live in the Now with enjoyment and appreciation.  Savoring the present is about being truly alive.  I call retirement “renewal”, a time to rediscover your authentic self and to relish your place in the universe.

Learn how Harvest Life Coaching can benefit you!


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