How can Life Coaching benefit me?

I utilize the methods of Life Coaching to work with people as they dream, look forward to and make plans for their future retirement, as well as those who are already in retirement and may be re-assessing their past experience, wanting to create new purpose and goals for this stage of life.

Many of us arrive on the threshold of our retirement and later life with questions that may start gradually but become more persistent and can provoke anxiety and dread. We may find ourselves asking:  After I retire, how will I find purpose and meaning in my life? How do I manage fears of aging?  How will aging change my life?  Can I have a fulfilling life as I grow older?  Life Coaching is a process that can help with these important life questions, can encourage and support you toward your own unique answers.

What is Life Coaching?  

A unique partnership.  Life Coaching is a very special kind of conversation between equal partners.   It is a dialogue about your desires, dreams, visions, purpose and goals.  It is a creative process to assist you in achieving what you desire.

A Safe Space.  As your coach I promise a safe space of confidentiality and trust.  I have no agenda of my own, but am only committed to furthering your agenda.  I will encourage self-discovery, elicit your own solutions and strategies, and support you in being responsible and accountable to yourself in meeting the goals that you create.

Life Coaching is not therapy.  A therapist helps you get over your past.  A coach helps you design your future AND develop the richness of the present.  A coach sees you not as a “patient” needing to be fixed or healed, but rather a creative individual searching for new directions, purpose, or achievement of new goals.  You are the expert in your own life.  Working with a coach, you can appreciate your own inner resources as you discover your own answers to your own questions.

The Coaching Dialogue

 I listen to you.    I listen to what you do and do not say.  I listen for your values, vision, purpose, dreams, aspirations, goals  and then, based on what I hear, motivate you as you work to develop and follow through on actions to fulfill these dreams and goals.

I ask questions.  Life Coaching is a special kind of conversation in which I will ask powerful questions to help you find your own answers. What is a powerful question? Its  a question that generates insight, allows you to access new possibilities, awareness, or a shift in your perspective.  The goal of a powerful question is to help you elicit your own creativity and resources to generate new options and possibilities.

I Motivate and Encourage you to action.   I support you in brainstorming and choosing actions to achieve your goal.  I encourage you to discover you can create multiple solutions to problems, and then choose those most suitable for you. Moving forward by taking action is the essence of coaching.  I help you move from the insights you gain in our dialogues to taking the specific steps that will propel you toward achieving your goals.

Together we create accountability.  Many of us make goals frequently  with sincere intentions (think New Year’s Resolutions) but we don’t have someone to encourage us and assist us by holding us accountable.  Distractions, self-doubt, life’s other commitments interfere and throw us off course.  I help you follow through on the action steps that you choose to take toward your own chosen goals.  We’ll review your progress in each session, and I will provide email support between sessions.

Life Coaching can help you toward growth, achievement, fulfillment.  I know I’ve done my job, and you know you have benefitted from our coaching,  when you experience growth in a chosen life area,  achievement of a goal, or fulfillment of a desire you have worked toward.

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